MDLIVE’s virtual psychiatric service now available in all 50 States


MDLIVE is the first telemedicine provider to offer virtual psychiatric services in all 50 states, the company has announced. With a behavioral health network of more than 1,300 mental health professionals, MDLIVE now has contracted psychiatrists in each state to perform virtual care consultations.

“Part of the mental health crisis in the U.S. is due to the difficulty in finding and accessing qualified mental health practitioners in urban and rural areas,” Scott Decker, CEO of MDLIVE, said in a statement. “With nearly 80 million Americans living in areas experiencing a mental health professional shortage, we’re proud to be the first telemedicine provider to offer individuals across the country access to quality, convenient, private and affordable mental healthcare.”

MDLIVE launched its virtual behavioral health services offering in November 2014 following its purchase of Breakthrough Behavioral. Since then, MDLIVE Behavioral Health has conducted nearly 50,000 virtual behavioral health consults and is now available to more than 10 million people across the country as a covered benefit through their healthcare plans, as well as direct to all consumers for the price of a copay.

It is estimated that one in five people in the U.S. has a diagnosable mental disorder and current wait times to see a behavioral health expert average 30 days.