Philips’ Jovia Coach app aims to reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes

Jovia Coach

Royal Philips unveiled Jovia Coach, a new smartphone app that combines technology with human coaching for people at-risk of type 2 diabetes. The program supports participants to adopt the dietary, lifestyle and exercise habits aiming to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

“Through our personal health programs, including our new Jovia Coach, we are committed to helping guide people to take small steps to improve their health, with the ultimate goal of helping them lower their risk of this condition,” Jørgen Behrens, Business Leader Personal Health Solutions at Philips, said in a statement.

The Jovia Coach mobile app offers skill-building content, challenges and tasks, ability to track meals and physical activity, and interact with a personal lifestyle coach and a peer group. The goal is to help users develop and maintain healthy eating patterns and physical activity habits, and foster the skills they need to navigate their social environment and overcome barriers.

Jovia Coach is part of Philips’ personal health programs which represents a new era in connected care by helping people make small, meaningful changes, which sustained over time, can help people be healthier. The program will be available in the U.S. in English and Spanish during the second quarter and offered through employee benefit programs and health insurance.

Type 2 diabetes accounts for at least 90 percent of all diabetes cases and is characterized by insulin resistance and relative insulin deficiency. It is estimated that 12 percent of the global health expenditure is spent on diabetes.