RightMinder is an Android Wear app for seniors

RightMinder app

ConnectUs Life has launched RightMinder, an app for Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches aimed at the elderly, those in need, pre-teens and Professional Carers.

Available in multiple languages and in over 136 countries, the application delivers a patent-pending solution that provides fall detection, first alert monitoring and alerts, GPS location reporting, and multiple first alert carer connections.

“Our core focus is to ensure wearers maintain meaningful independence with an efficient, yet discreet safety and security alert system. Anyone can use RightMinder without lock-in contracts, nor do they need expensive custom hardware,” Ben Slater, ConnectUs Life CIO, said in a statement. “Our First Alert Carers are not only from the family & friends orientated network, but also paid professional Carers too.”

Some of the features like the First Alert and Fall Detection are also available on smartphones, though the company “strongly recommends using a smartwatch for safety.”

RightMinder wearers are securely connected to one or more carers who can then monitor battery life, location and access fast-touch call buttons. If a Wearer triggers a Fall Detection, or if they send an emergency First Alert, their carers all receive immediate notifications and emails to raise an emergency response. Carers then have the option to locate or call their wearers immediately. Additionally when battery life gets low, notifications are also sent to both wearer and carers.

RightMinder also extends to people living with disabilities such as MS, dementia, brain trauma, epilepsy and for other high need individuals.

The application is readily available on Google Play Store for Carers and Wearers, and coming soon to the Apple App Store (for Carers).