Canada’s Telus donates its youth-focused mental health app to the CMHA

Telus thinkFull

Canadian telco Telus is donating its new iOS mindfulness app, thinkFull, to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) BC Division. It is a stress management app aimed at improving the mental health of young adults by helping them monitor and develop coping strategies to manage stress levels.

thinkFull provides personalized mental wellness coaching, allowing people to track their stress levels over time and tap into a rich library of tips for relieving stress, solving problems and living well. Information is customized to meet a user’s specific needs based on usage patterns and the app acts as both a resource and a repository — users rate their anxiety levels from one to seven and write accompanying journal entries that can be kept private or reviewed and discussed with a mental health professional.

“This generation are technologically savvy and spend hours each day on their smartphones, so supporting them with an innovative and intuitive app makes sense,” Bev Gutray, CEO of the CMHA BC Division, said in a statement. “We are certain that thinkFull will be of great benefit to our Healthy Minds Healthy Campuses and other community members to help build greater resiliency and tackle the stressful situations and challenges they face during their studies and beyond.”

Developed in partnership with the CMHA and mental health non-profit Mind Your Mind, thinkFull was the result of Telus’ first Social Enterprise Competition.

“As one of the original content providers to our thinkFull app, it was an honor to gift the CMHA with this intuitive resource so that more youth who are struggling with mental health issues across the country will have the support they need, right at their fingertips,” Jill Schnarr, VP of Community Investment at TELUS, said in a statement.