Humana, Happify to provide digital behavioral health services to people with chronic conditions

Happify app

Humana and Happify Health have partnered to deliver emotional health support to chronic heart condition patients through a digital intervention delivery platform.

The partnership will explore how to best help Humana members reduce depression and anxiety through better integrated, digitally-delivered behavioral health solutions. To that end, the program supports chronic heart patients who are prone to high comorbidity rates of depression and the potential for their health conditions to worsen if their depression goes unmanaged.

Developed in collaboration between Humana and Happify Health, the platform aims to test the delivery of effective mental health support for Medicare patients with chronic conditions through behavioral health initiatives as an integrated part of their overall care. The goal is to improve quality outcomes by supplying a method of care that allows for “access, scale and convenience.”

“Multiple studies found that treating heart condition patients with behavioral health solutions can improve the member’s ability to adhere to their treatment plan, improve quality of life, and support health recovery,” Humana Behavioral Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Larry Weinstein, said in a statement. “To date, the challenge has been finding a scalable, engaging solution to provide services. Happify Health’s software allows us to provide a wide range of our patients with unique, effective preventative care that was previously unavailable.”

Humana’s program will be integrated into Humana care management, which will use Happify Health tools to screen chronic heart condition patients. The patients who qualify (who have signs of depression) will then be enrolled into the program.