Ensemble by Happify Health

Happify unveils the first digital therapeutics to treat both MDD and GAD

Designed as an adjunct to care for MDD and GAD, Ensemble must be prescribed by a clinician to treat these disorders.
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Humana, Happify to provide digital behavioral health services to people with chronic conditions

The two companies will work together to test reducing clinical depression and anxiety in prone population.

Happify Labs to enable researchers to study well-being interventions

Under the program, Happify will team with academic researchers to conduct clinical trials on interventions related to positive psychology and neuroscience.
Health Harmony

Intel-GE Care Innovations, Happify working together to help family caregivers

The two parties will deliver solutions for family caregivers who serve more than 130 million people suffering from chronic conditions in the United States.
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Happify secures $5M in convertible debt for its “emotional fitness” platform

The service uses both subjective and existing objective evaluations, based on the science of positive psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral health.