MindCotine uses VR to help users stop smoking, launches a crowdfunding campaign


A new kind of smoking cessation program is launching on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Called MindCotine, it is reportedly the first-ever Virtual Reality (VR) program that combine mindfulness practices, psychological therapies and community engagement to combat nicotine addiction.

The campaign aims to engage as many people as possible to join the MindCotine community, continue funding the development and worldwide distribution of the app.

MindCotine guides users through a mindfulness process, a mental state achieved by focusing on awareness on the present moment, while a biofeedback monitoring system trains them to control bodily processes. By becoming conscious of what the habit represents for each user, they are then able to better identify and take charge of their impulses and behavior. The program also provides users with the tools necessary to overcome the cravings and discomforts associated with tobacco withdrawal through a strong community platform with an AI component. Users are welcome to join and practice the skills acquired, as well as support other peers to overcome the source of the addiction.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), smoking causes approximately 6 million deaths per year, and is responsible for over $1 trillion in healthcare costs worldwide.