RightEye’s new eye-tracking game aims to improve reading skills

RightEye Autism Test

RightEye — the company that uses the eye tracking technology to revolutionize patient care and vision performance — is launching RightEye Maze Master, a computer game that helps users gain better control over movement of one or both of their eyes. Maze Master works in conjunction with the existing RightEye Reading Test to improve the oculomotor skills deficits that may be impairing a person’s reading.

“After reading disorders are identified, appropriate interventions and training games are extremely important to enable users to improve their performance and gain essential reading skills over time,” Barbara Barclay, president of RightEye, said in a statement. “With Maze Master and RightEye’s other training games, educators, optometrists and vision therapists can not only identify reading disorders, but also apply a therapy or training that will improve performance over time, avoiding the frustration, learning difficulties and behavioral challenges often associated with misdiagnosis, or, without the application of therapies proven to produce improvement.”

Maze Master requires users’ gaze to stay within maze-like lines. To play, users move one or both of their eyes through a maze, “popping” numbers encountered within the maze upon seeing them with their eyes. As the game progresses, the mazes grow narrower, while the numbers grow more plentiful, making the tasks more challenging. As users progress through the various levels, the movements they create with their eyes build more stable and accurate motions, including those that mimic the movements necessary for reading.

When combined with the RightEye Reading Test, Maze Master can help improve reading skills for students of all ages and reading levels.

RightEye Maze Master is available for purchase through the company’s cloud-based platform, which is available to customers with the RightEye Complete 3D Eye-Tracking System.

Other testing and training software programs available through the RightEye system include RightEye Neuro Vision Tests which helps healthcare providers objectively understand the severity of a patient’s brain injury and better monitor recovery over time; RightEye Essential Vision Tests; RightEye Performance Vision which is a set of vision tests to help athletes and defense forces by assessing visual strengths and identifying areas of vision that can be improved to enable them to reach maximum performance levels; RightEye GeoPref Autism Test; RightEye Reading Test; and RightEye Vision Training Games.