Akili integrates its prescription video game treatment with Roblox

Through this partnership, Akili and Roblox are introducing new ways for medicine to fit into patients' lives.
Akili EndeavorRx study

Study: Akili’s EndeavorRx digital therapeutic works

Data from the study show that EndeavorRx treatment resulted in increased brain activity related to attention function, as measured by EEG.
Peloton Lanebreak

Peloton officially launches its Lanebreak video game

The already great training experience just got better, especially for those who like video games...
Akili EndeavorRx New Gameplay Features

Akili unveils new gameplay features for its video game treatment for children with ADHD

The enhancements were based on the latest trends in video game development and informed by user insights collected across multiple forums.
Peloton gaming

Peloton to launch an in-app video game

The game involves riders changing their cadence and resistance to meet various goals and control an on-screen rolling wheel.
Level Ex Unveils First Multi-User Simulated Surgery Over Web Conferencing

Level Ex unveils multi-user simulated surgery over web conferencing

The Virtual Technique Guides bring together surgeons and medical device sales representatives in a synchronous, cloud-based learning environment.
Pokémon Sleep

Pokémon Sleep app coming next year to “turn sleep into entertainment”

Nintendo promises that the game will track a user's time sleeping and "bring a gameplay experience unlike any other!"
Hemocraft game

Pfizer unveils a custom version of Minecraft for young hemophilia patients

Called Hemocraft, the game was launched alongside the custom wristband called HemMobile Striiv Wearable to help people living with hemophilia in the US.
RightEye Autism Test

RightEye’s new eye-tracking game aims to improve reading skills

The game, called Maze Master, helps users improve oculomotor control, build stable and accurate eye movements required for effective reading.
Project EVO - ADHD study

Akili starts recruiting patients to trial its novel ADHD treatment

The STARS-ADHD trial will evaluate the safety and efficacy of the company's proprietary platform, Project: EVO, for the treatment of children with ADHD.