Pokémon Sleep app coming next year to “turn sleep into entertainment”

Pokémon Sleep

Nintendo is looking to use the Pokémon charm to help people get a better night sleep. The company behind popular creatures announced an app called Pokémon Sleep that will track player’s sleep and use the data for game play.

Information about how long the user has slept for and when they wake will play a part, but it’s not been made clear exactly how.

“We want to turn sleep into entertainment,” a Nintendo executive explained to BBC, echoing what part of the [digital health] industry has been doing for some time — using gamification to keep users engaged.

The company promises that the game will track a user’s time sleeping and “bring a gameplay experience unlike any other!”

Set to be released next year, Pokémon Sleep aims to attract both gamers as well as those who have an interest in sleep and a healthy lifestyle.

Other Pokémon-related projects that were announced at the same time include new games, devices and a cloud service.

More than 340 million units of various Pokémon games have been sold since 1996.