PULSE@MassChallenge unveils 2018 cohort of digital health startups


MassChallenge, which dubs itself as the most startup-friendly accelerator on the planet, unveiled the 32 digital health startups joining the 2018 PULSE@MassChallenge cohort. Selected from more than 500 applicants from around the world, these companies represent the “most-innovative technologies advancing healthcare and improving patient wellbeing.”

“We believe that when entrepreneurs and the community come together, we can solve healthcare’s massive problems,” Nick Dougherty, Program Director at PULSE@MassChallenge, said in a statement. “We are so excited to get to know this year’s cohort and to connect them with the strategic partnerships necessary for creating widespread impact.”

Launched as a strategic component of Mass Digital Health and fueled by public-private partnerships, PULSE@MassChallenge accelerates the impact of digital health startups around the world. Through rigorous matchmaking, the second cohort was selected by a pool of institutions, providers, and payors looking to form partnerships with digital health startups. These Champions will support entrepreneurs throughout the program by facilitating key advisor introductions, pilots, research, and even investment opportunities.

Beginning in January, startups will have access to tailored curriculum, over 4,000 square feet of co-working space through support from Samuels and Associates, and the opportunity to apply for shares of $50,000 in need-based scholarships — all at zero cost and for zero equity. At the culmination of the program, startups will compete for over $200,000 in cash prizes.

2018 PULSE@MassChallenge Cohort:

aam, U.S. – Massachusetts
Introduces the first-ever connected hardware device that will keep the 9.7 million U.S. women who take the Birth Control Pill from missing a dose again.

Aluna, U.S. – California
Develops a respiratory management system consisting of a portable spirometer and gamified app to detect early signs of asthma attacks.

Astarte Medical Partners, U.S. – Pennsylvania
Makes it easy to quantify, optimize treatment, and personalize nutrition for gut health, which is central to infant’s growth and brain development.

BOLD Medical Partners, U.S. – Illinois
Develops a robust method of measuring blood pressure through a non-invasive and continuous device.

Day Zero Diagnostics, U.S. – Massachusetts
Uses a novel sample prep, high throughput sequencing, and machine intelligence to shorten the time it takes to identify a pathogen and predict its drug resistance profile from days to hours.

DeepHealth, U.S. – Massachusetts
Leverages machine learning to bring the best doctor in the world to every patient.

DocFlight, U.S. – New York
Enables patient in China to book an appointment with a top U.S. doctor, have a virtual consultation on a screen, and receive medical recommendations.

DynamiCare Health, U.S. – Massachusetts
Enhances chronic disease management with patient-generated behavioral data and evidence-based technological interventions.

Edification Project, U.S. – Massachusetts
Utilizes virtual reality technology to heighten knowledge and frame attitudes toward avoiding dangers of opioid use among young adolescents.

Epharmix, U.S. – Missouri
Increases care management productivity with evidence-based remote patient monitoring via automated text messages and phone calls.

Epidemic Solutions, U.S. – Massachusetts
Develops the Opioid Recovery Bracelet to detect signs of overdose and automatically administer life-saving naloxone without the participation of bystanders or first responders.

Epion Health, U.S. – New Jersey
Patient access company, beginning with digital check-in and expanding to solutions aligned with provider and patient goals.

Fitly, U.S. – Pennsylvania
Develops SmartPlate, the only patented, intelligent nutrition platform that deploys computer vision, deep learning, and proprietary image recognition techniques to help consumers and patients track food intake.

Folia Health, U.S. – Massachusetts
Enables caregivers to record this data by answering simple, personalized multiple choice questions.

Healthimation, U.S. – Massachusetts
Brings highly effective population health solutions to life for chronic diseases.

HealthRhythms, U.S. – New York
Offers real-time, personalized assessments of mental health and provides within-reach activities that have been proven to boost mental health.

InsightRX, U.S. – California
Combines data, mathematical models, and machine learning to individualize treatment for patients.

Leuko, U.S. – Massachusetts
Develops a home-based neutrophil test that enables physicians to personalize chemotherapy and improve survival.

macro-eyes, U.S. – Washington
Develops Sibyl, a scheduling intelligence tool that leverages AI to predict which patients will show up and when to schedule them for appointments.

Medumo, U.S. – Massachusetts
Develops CareTours, which enables healthcare organizations to guide patients using automated just-in-time instructions and checklists pre, peri, and post-procedure.

Moving Analytics, U.S. – California
Provides a complete solution to help hospitals deliver cardiac rehab to patients from the comfort of their homes in a cost-effective and scalable manner.

Multisensor Diagnostics, U.S. – Maryland
Develops a rapid medical assessment device, MouthLab, which measures respiratory-rate and pattern, pulse-rate, ECG, SpO2, temperature, BP and spirometric lung functions in 30 seconds.

Nutrimedy, U.S. – Massachusetts
Matches moms-to-be with personalized, expert Registered Dietitians to help them navigate nutrition during their pregnancy.

Orbita, U.S. – Massachusetts
Uses next-generation voice assistant and AI technologies to vastly improve remote patient monitoring, education, care coordination, and research.

OZONE.ai, U.S. – New York
Develops its smart file security technology to protect data in motion, in use, and at rest with complete intelligence, governance and reporting capabilities.

Pillo Health, U.S. – Massachusetts
Creates a home health and wellness platform centered on a voice-first countertop device called Pillo, the first intelligent healthcare assistant for the home.

SafeInHome, U.S. – California
Develops assistive technology solutions for caregivers that passively tracks activity to ensure routine patterns of movement around the living space remain consistent.

TailoredCare, U.S. – Wisconsin
Provides care professionals the means to assess and support the most forgotten key stakeholder in health care: the family caregiver.

TelaDietitian, U.S. – New York
Develops a solution for medical nutrition therapy counseling via a HIPAA compliant video portal and phone.

ThinkGenetic, U.S. – Massachusetts
Helps people harness the power of genetics by offering trustworthy information to guide them to the diagnostic help they need, faster.

TORq Interface, U.S. – Massachusetts
Develops a free agnostic tool to help hospitals fairly share surgical schedules in cost saving efforts.

Unima, Mexico
Develops a fast and low-cost diagnostic and disease surveillance technology, which allows all users to diagnose a disease directly at the point of care.

To date, startups that have participated in PULSE@MassChallenge have raised more than $52M in funding, generated more than $13M in revenue, and grown their employee headcount by over 22 percent.