and Connect Healthcare merge to deliver a unified solution and Connect Healthcare are merging to consolidate operations under the brand. The merger builds on a strong partnership the two companies established in 2015, working together to build seamless data management and directory solutions for shared enterprise clients.

“By fully integrating our capabilities under one roof, we are able to give our clients the most effective solution in the industry to manage their online presence, engage patients across the digital ecosystem, and monitor how these efforts improve their reputation and performance,” Andrei Zimiles, CEO of, said in a statement.

As part of the deal, Noel Coleman, President of Connect Healthcare, will join as President of Enterprise Solutions. Also, Connect Healthcare’s experienced team of client success specialists, SEO and data analytics experts, and full-stack engineers will be joined by’s enterprise sales and product development team. The Enterprise team will continue to operate out of their headquarters in Atlanta, GA and is expected to grow substantially in the months ahead.

Noel Coleman, President of Connect Healthcare, is also pleased with the deal. “By joining forces, we can help our clients tackle some of the greatest challenges when endeavoring to improve the customer experience across the patient journey,” he said.

Connect Healthcare provides data management, provider search, reputation and performance improvement solutions for hospitals and large health systems. Its proprietary platform stores the data of 1.2 million providers and powers directory solutions for 7.5 million unique users. The company is partner to over 200 hospital and health plan clients including UNC Health Care, UC San Diego Health, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Rush University Medical Center, UAB Medicine and Emory University.

The merger was supported by’s existing investors, led by Spring Mountain Capital with its Managing Director, Raymond Wong, saying: “The success of each company can be attributed to a profound understanding of the complexities of healthcare data systems as well as the consumer web. Through this merger, is able to provide clients with the first truly holistic offering in a market plagued by fragmented point solutions.”

Other participating investors include Colle Capital, who has supported since 2014, and StartUp Health, who has worked closely with since joining their Moonshot Academy in 2013.