Xenco Medical unveils TraumaGPS, the first trauma surgery delivery app for spinal implant systems


Xenco Medical — which is on a mission to transform surgical procedures and healthcare logistics through its use of materials science in single-use implant systems — has released TraumaGPS, the first on-demand trauma surgery delivery app with real-time GPS driver tracking for its disposable implant systems.

Developed by Xenco Medical, the Android app allows surgeons and hospital personnel to request and track the emergency delivery of Xenco Medical’s sterile-packaged spinal systems by watching the real-time movement of the deliverer on a mobile map. Initially, the app was made available exclusively to a group of 65 contracted hospitals across the country.

TraumaGPS enables verified users to request an emergency delivery of Xenco Medical’s various spinal implant systems, including the company’s disposable Anterior Cervical, Posterior Cervical, Pedicle Screw and Lumbar Interbody spinal systems. Once the trauma delivery order has been accepted by a verified sales representative, the TraumaGPS app offers the driver GPS navigation to the requestor’s hospital while allowing the requestor to watch the driver’s position as he or she delivers the Xenco Medical implant systems.

“Allowing hospitals to precisely predict the arrival of emergency deliveries of Xenco Medical’s surgery-ready implant systems, TraumaGPS amplifies the impact our single-use devices have in accelerating the surgical process and optimizing care,” Xenco Medical Founder and CEO, Jason Haider, said in a statement.

Xenco Medical’s disposable implant systems delivered through its TraumaGPS app offer a streamlined approach to spinal procedures as breakthrough single-use, composite polymer implant systems. With the single-use, composite polymer instrument and implants locked together in the sterile package, the Xenco Medical systems are capable of being used immediately upon arrival at the hospital.

Unlike the traditional metal instruments that are reused in hundreds of patients until a mechanical failure, Xenco Medical’s single-use systems are perfectly calibrated and sterile-packaged for patient-specific use. Previously, they have been found to outperform aluminum metal in maintaining structural integrity.