Apple Beddit sleep monitor clears the FCC

Beddit 3 sleep monitor

You may remember Apple’s acquisition of Finland-based Beddit in May 2017? We were expecting to hear something about it, but so far we have only heard about the iPhone maker’s decision to cut off both new and existing users. And that leads us to today’s story — we may see the very first Apple-made sleep tracker soon — such produced has recently cleared FCC’s regulatory demands. Once released, this will be the second device to track your sleep, with Apple Watch already being able to do that, though it is limited due to battery life.

Beddit’s sleep tracking monitor comes in the form of a thin fabric pouch that connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The pouch is placed under a sheet, from where it can accurately track sleep even if two people share a bed. Sensors monitor sleep, heart rate, breathing, snoring, and the bedroom’s environment — while results are being transferred to Beddit’s mobile app. Said app also provides users with a sleep score each morning based on the tracked data.

Back to that FCC clearance; the model they got to play with has a model number of 3.5, indicating this is an incremental update to the previously offered Beddit Sleep Monitor 3. We don’t have the photo to share at this moment, but are confident Apple’s logo will find the place on the updated Beddit product.

Beddit FCC

Or not? If we look at Apple’s acquisition of Beats we see they decided to keep another brand around. Perhaps, Cook & Co. do the same with Beddit?

In any case, Beddit’s current sleep monitor sells for $150, and despite Apple’s prominence, we doubt the price of the new variant will be much higher. This, of course, is not the only such device on the market.