MDLIVE Go adds asynchronous visit capabilities to the company’s platform

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Telehealth services provider MDLIVE launched a new product to further enhance the flexibility and power of its healthcare platform. Called MDLIVE Go, it enables the growing roster of hospital and health system clients to offer both asynchronous and synchronous virtual visits on a single platform.

Specifically, MDLIVE Go equips the company’s clients with technology to offer their patients the ability to submit a condition-specific assessment and receive a personalized plan of care, including prescriptions when necessary, within two hours. Conditions that may be supported by MDLIVE Go include acute issues such as sinus infections, pink eye and urinary tract infections; chronic issues such as allergies and medication refills; and preventive care issues such as mammograms and other orders.

MDLIVE Go starts with the MDLIVE Expert Engine which interviews patients, with the results being sent to a specially-trained provider who reviews the case, formulates a treatment plan and prescribes a medication or orders when appropriate. Within two hours the patient receives a notification via email and can sign into the MDLIVE portal to review his or her plan of care. Prescriptions are sent electronically to the patient’s pharmacy of choice.

The new service offers convenient and consistent capture of a patient’s medical history using MDLIVE’s improved triage experience, which ensures quality documentation, increased efficiency and improved satisfaction by helping route patients to the proper level of care. Also, it provides a more streamlined and consistent creation of an evidence-based patient treatment plan while reducing provider time spent on documentation. And finally, MDLIVE Go offers a discrete and secure messaging option that encourages patients to seek care for conditions that they might otherwise avoid talking about directly to a provider.

“MDLIVE Go is our latest offering that enhances the high-quality online healthcare experience our clients offer to their patients,” Rich Berner, CEO of MDLIVE, said in a statement. “This program brings a new level of convenience and value while maintaining the same quality of care that defines MDLIVE as one of the nation’s leading telehealth providers. MDLIVE Go further demonstrates our commitment to moving beyond virtualizing care toward automating the simple and routine for the benefit of consumers, clinicians and the healthcare system overall.”

MDLIVE Go is currently available to select hospitals and health systems. The company’s launch plan for the product calls for the expansion of MDLIVE Go as well as the augmentation of its capabilities with AI-driven technology such as the virtual chatbot Sophie.