Pinterest launches wellness activities for people in distress

Pinterest emotional well-being

Pinterest is already popular among the fitness and wellness crowd, but that doesn’t stop the popular social media platform for taking an additional step forward. To that end, the company has introduced emotional wellness activities for all the users searching the visual pinboard for emotional health and related topics.

Created in partnership with Brainstorm, the Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation, Vibrant Emotional Health, and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline — the activities are meant for users to complete when they are feeling anxious, sad or stressed; and include things like deep-breathing and self-compassion exercises.

The engagement option pops up when you search for “stress quotes,” “work anxiety” and related terms on Pinterest. Once you engage, you will be presented with the above-mentioned activities in a form that is different from the rest of Pinterest.

The company says that any access to these pages is private and not connected to the user’s account, with no related recommendations or ads appearing afterward. In other words, Pinterest won’t track who is using the tools.

“People come to Pinterest to discover ideas, get inspired and focus on themselves, their interests, their futures,” Pinterest product manager Annie Ta wrote in a news announcing the new offering. “One of the main ways people find inspiration is through Search, from summer activities to try to creative ways to express yourself. But we know that life isn’t always so inspiring, and things on the internet aren’t either.”

The new product is currently available only in certain places and will be fully launched in the coming weeks.