quip’s quipcare aims to democratize and modernize access to dental healthcare

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The dental health company quip unveiled a new offering called quipcare to provide a “transparent, affordable and convenient way to access and pay for quality professional dental care through a simple app.”

quip is already the largest and fastest growing oral care company of its kind, with millions of members and a network of tens of thousands of dental professionals. With quipcare, quip is launching what it says is the first-of-its-kind, end-to-end consumer-focused oral health solution that includes a growing range of personal care products and now professional dental services.

“The current dental care and insurance systems can be confusing, opaque and expensive, and the process of booking, getting and paying for care is inconvenient,” Simon Enever, Co-Founder and CEO of quip, said in a statement. “quipcare is solving many of these pain points that deter people from getting the professional care they need. We’ve spent years making at-home oral care more simple, affordable and enjoyable for millions of people. Now, we are excited to apply that same ethos to reshape professional dental care with a simple modern app.”

Whether someone is insured and hit their annual maximum, are looking for treatments not covered under insurance, or don’t want a monthly plan, with the quipcare app they can browse, book and pay as they go for dental care services — from basic check-ups to fillings and crowns — within quip’s network of dental professionals at set rates 30-40% less than average rates in their area. As an alternative to traditional dental benefits, members can also upgrade to quipcare+ for $25 per month, which includes two preventative check-ups and annual x-rays for $200 less than on pay as you go. quipcare also helps members focus on proactive care and prevention by helping them manage their treatment records and offering rewards for timely check-ups.

quipcare is rolling out in New York City this summer, and will expand across the United States next year with an expanded professional network of individual practices, and small and large dental groups. The company will continue to evolve the platform with additional partnerships, services, plans, and payment options to cater to different individual and employer needs.