SnapMD’s Virtual Care Mobile App 2.0 revamped from the ground up

SnapMD Virtual Care Mobile App 2.0

Telehealth service provider SnapMD launched the Virtual Care mobile app 2.0 for both iOS and Android devices. This release has been completely rebuilt from the ground up on an entirely new foundation. Additional upgrades to the app include a new SDK for an embeddable telehealth experience, customizable intake forms, enhanced video encounter functionality, and expanded branding options for a significantly improved user experience while accessing SnapMD’s mobile Virtual Care Management (VCM) telehealth platform.

Said SDK enables partner hospitals, health systems and provider practices to embed modules from SnapMD’s Virtual Care mobile app into their existing mobile app(s), or build an entirely new app based on SnapMD’s SDK and APIs. This flexibility allows for many more unique possibilities when designing a total telemedicine solution for SnapMD clients and partners.

As for the customizable intake forms, which are available for both the VCM web and mobile apps, they allow organizations to tailor the admission process to their specific needs. Using the new admin tool, forms can be customized to inform providers on a variety of matters including patient allergies, medication use, specialty care needs, insurance, payment, and more. Additionally, app policies and procedures can be personalized to the HCO’s legal requirements. With this update, healthcare organizations can capture the right information specific to each use case, no matter where the patient engages the platform.

“The 2.0 enhancements to the Virtual Care app are designed to improve engagement during digital exam room interactions with easy-to-use functionalities, better navigation and increased brand recognition for providers,” George Tierney, co-founder and COO of SnapMD, said in a statement. “We understand the importance of the trusted patient-to-provider relationship, therefore, we built the app to be fully white-labeled with all the functionalities needed to increase access to care and impact lowering costs for both patients and providers.”

Also new to the 2.0 mobile app release are expanded virtual encounter functionalities, and a new, more flexible video interface. Now, for an enhanced virtual care video visit, participants can swap the primary patient/provider video feed, as well as change the feed layout of the video encounter. Patients can take and share snapshots during the video encounter for more complete documentation. SnapMD has also added guest video feeds which allow up to six participants, including the patient, to join a digital exam room session where all are equipped with a full video and audio feed. Further enhancing the mobile experience, text chat functionalities have been added for the waiting room and encounter, helping patients better interact with their providers, and allowing for more effective and efficient patient triage and care.

Finally, SnapMD has significantly improved its user experience throughout the mobile app for a more streamlined workflow. User navigation has been updated, while performance has been dramatically upgraded — enabling a first-class user experience for better care interactions.