CashMD launches healthcare price transparency tool


CashMD announced the launch of its online healthcare platform offering transparent pricing for virtually all healthcare-related procedures in a desired location. Available from, the new platform aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry for patients, medical professionals and politicians alike.

Currently, American patients are frustrated by a healthcare system that leaves them feeling powerless and oftentimes confused. CashMD embodies the concept that transparency is the foundation of any economically functional system. Transparency in healthcare pricing is a non-partisan concept that has acquired universal support and weighs heavily on the minds of the American public and government officials.

“We are pleased to provide a solution to current healthcare system frustrations,” Dr. Denny Brummett, Founder of CashMD, said in a statement. “CashMD is a ‘one stop shop’ offering pricing that is fair and transparent, offering flexibility and expedience to American patients and the healthcare industry.”

With the new platform, CashMD wants to “ignite a paradigm shift” in the healthcare industry through a smart, streamlined approach to align healthcare providers and patients by simplifying access to care and compensation. It lets patients efficiently compare local providers’ prices, make a selection, and book an appointment. The platform allows patients to choose their path to better health and financial peace of mind — with no surprise billing. For healthcare providers, CashMD provides a simple, cash pay model, designed to help providers attract new patients, realize revenues faster and restore the autonomy to make the best treatment decisions for their patients.

The startup is planning a full market launch in the Fall of 2019, and is now enabling early-access registrations at