WW launches Kurbo by WW targeting kids and teens

Kurbo by WW

Last year Weight Watchers (WW) acquired Kurbo, and this week the company launched Kurbo by WW, a scientifically-proven behavior change program designed to help kids and teens ages 8-17 reach a healthier weight, derived from Stanford University’s Pediatric Weight Control Program. Through a mobile app and virtual coaching, the program builds on Kurbo’s evidence-based mobile platform to help children and teenagers, with support from their families, make lifestyle changes while receiving guidance around sustainable healthy eating, physical activity and mindfulness habits.

“To change the health trajectory of the world, we have a tremendous opportunity, but also a responsibility, to help kids, teens and families,” Mindy Grossman, President and CEO of WW, said in a statement. “With Kurbo’s proven platform, we can be a trusted and powerful partner for families, as part of our mission to inspire healthy habits for real life, for everyone.”

Kurbo by WW provides simple, science-based tools to help its members with weight management and overall well-being, on platform kids and teens are comfortable using. The companion mobile app includes engaging content to inspire healthy behaviors while enabling kids and teens to track behaviors related to food and activity and receive responsive, personalized messaging. It features advice on meditation, quick recipe videos, as well as fun games that focus on healthy eating and living.

Kurbo uses the Traffic Light System, which is backed by 30 years of evidence-based scientific research. The simple approach guides kids and teens toward food choices to help them learn healthy eating habits, putting food into one of three groups: red, yellow or green. Kids and teens are encouraged to eat more of the healthy “green light” foods (such as fruits and veggies), be mindful of portions of “yellow light” foods (such as lean protein, whole grains and dairy), and gradually reduce but still include consumption of “red light” foods (such as sugary drinks and treats).

To complement these free app features, Kurbo by WW offers subscription-based, one-on-one 15-minute virtual video sessions with Kurbo coaches who are specially-trained, and come from a diverse range of professional backgrounds including counseling, fitness and nutrition-related fields. Kids and teens can connect weekly with their matched coach through video chat and text for guidance on their journey and to discuss personalized goals and strategies to help them achieve long-lasting results. Additionally, parents receive recipes, shopping lists, and a regular newsletter full of ideas to help them create a healthy environment for the whole family.

“At WW, we have decades of expertise in scaling science-backed behavior change programs, uniquely positioning us to be a part of the solution to address the prevalent public health problem of childhood obesity,” added Gary Foster, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at WW. “Alongside a distinguished group of leaders in pediatric health and nutrition, we’ve carefully developed this platform to be holistic, rewarding and inspirational so kids, teens and families get the tools and guidance they need to manage their environment and build and sustain healthy habits.”

Kurbo by WW is currently available in the U.S., and the free Kurbo app can be accessed on iOS and Android devices.