Sitata’s traveler safety platform rebrands, launches in-app telehealth feature

Sitata app

Traveler safety platform Sitata has rebranded itself while also announcing enhancements to increase safety, accessibility and wellbeing for business and leisure travelers.

“The growth of Sitata is tied to the unwavering need the market has shown for a solution that keeps travelers updated on local happenings, while simultaneously providing assistance for problems that arise while abroad,” Sitata founder and CEO, Adam St. John, said in a statement. “We’re thrilled to have established a fresh identity that mirrors the strong offering we’re bringing to all types of travelers across the globe.”

Sitata’s team monitors global happenings 24/7 and keeps travelers informed no matter where they are. Alerts shared with travelers include information on disease outbreaks, protests, labor strikes, violence, extreme weather, and more. As part of the company’s renewed suite of offerings, the following will be made available in addition to the existing alerts and information system:

  • Travel-specific telehealth – connecting travelers to destination-specific doctors in Sitata’s network that will provide access to video calls, advice, clinic visits and pre-trip consultations.
  • Itinerary management – Sitata can now track flights and monitor for delays and cancellations after an itinerary has been uploaded in the app by scanning emails.
  • GPS capabilities – allows travelers to share updates (post-landing, upon arrival at a hotel, etc.) with loved ones or an employer.
  • Integrated dashboard – a travel tracking dashboard called “Radar,” that appeals to HR managers and employers, showing GPS locations of employees and used as a safety and communications tool during travel disruptions.
  • Privacy mode – A feature to enable a privacy zone, the app will ignore GPS and won’t track a traveler while they’re in said zone.
  • Chat assistance – available for corporate travelers to get instant help. It’s made to assist with anything from a lost passport, legal advice or health concerns.

In addition to catering to leisure travelers, Sitata is expanding its offerings to better serve the corporate travel risk management sector. This will help meet unfulfilled duty of care needs for corporations of all sizes that require a hassle-free way to keep their employees safe during travels abroad. Many of Sitata’s latest offerings are tailored to this new user audience.

The premium version of the Sitata app costs $59/year. Travelers can also use a daily payment method that requires a $2.99 activation fee, followed by a $0.97 per day expense. Corporate rates for the platform are available, as well.