Dreem 2 aims to tackle sleep problems at scale

Dreem 2

The new sleep health solution Dreem 2 is launching in the US, combining hardware and software to provide poor sleepers a tailored, non-invasive and holistic solution to address their problems falling asleep and staying asleep. The solution is available directly to consumers looking to improve their sleep and to healthcare providers looking for a new, effective solution to propose to their patients.

“This is the first step in our mission to deliver precision sleep medicine at scale. With the US launch of our FDA-registered medical device, we’ve taken our place at the forefront of sleep healthcare,” Vik Panda, Dreem’s Managing Director for North America, said in a statement. “Poor sleep has a tremendous impact on productivity, stress, absenteeism and overall mental health, not to mention the link between poor sleep and a long list of chronic diseases. Our first-of-its-kind solution helps individuals take control of their sleep, thereby improving their overall health.”

Dreem 2 provides people with the tools and knowledge they need to better address their sleep problems such as difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up too early. It consists of a headband that measures the user’s sleep every night with a level of technological sophistication never seen before. Thanks to the headband’s seven sensors that measure brain activity (EEG), heart rate, respiration and movement, the user is provided with a complete, detailed overview of their sleep. This monitoring and analysis is accompanied by the headband’s biofeedback features that use audio to make falling asleep and waking up easier.

From there, the data collected by the headband is used to adapt an in-app 7-week long program to fit the sleeper’s needs. Said program is made up of exercises, tools and advice designed to help the user address thought patterns and habits at the heart of their sleep problem and establish a healthier sleep routine. It can be divided into 4 main blocks: Sleep Consolidation, Stimulus Control, Cognitive Exercises and Sleep Hygiene.

Experts estimate that 30% of the population suffers from problems falling asleep and maintaining sleep, and for 10% of these people – these problems are persistent and long-term. These sleep problems not only lead to loss of productivity, concentration or memory but can also be closely linked to serious physical and mental health issues.

Dreem was founded in 2014, and has raised $60 million from investors including Johnson & Johnson.