LetsGetChecked gets a mobile app

The app allows users to buy the widest range of health tests on the market, as well as to connect with the company's medical professionals.


LetsGetChecked, which provides direct-to-consumer at-home health testing and insights, launched its first mobile app for iOS users, allowing them to buy the widest range of health tests on the market. In addition, there is an option that allows patients’ concerns to be addressed directly, via 1-to-1 contact, with medical professionals from LetsGetChecked.

LetsGetChecked’s app can also tap into other connected devices and services, such as those provided by Apple and Fitbit, and integrate with lab test results to provide a more detailed overview of one’s health. Speaking of which [lab results], there are also push-notifications that pop up the moment they are ready for the patient.

“We want healthcare to be more predictive and less reactive — this is the next step in our vision of delivering that,” LetsGetChecked CEO Peter Foley said in a statement. “LetsGetChecked believes that people should be able to access their health data and extra clinical services in the most convenient way possible. Our app will empower users with a singular view of their health data and deliver valuable personalized insights — helping them to be more proactive about their health. This is the kind of service they not only need, but expect in the digital world.”

Joining the comments were Dr. Dominic Rowley, the company’s Medical Director, who said: “We’ve all seen the success of personalized health apps and self-monitoring devices. The LetsGetChecked app will be a great practical addition helping people get a better handle on their own health in real-time. Of course, it is in no way replacing the role of a doctor but rather we are hoping it will help patient and doctor to have better, more informed conversations” He continued: “As we read on a daily basis about hospital overcrowding and waiting rooms bursting at the seams, any extra way of helping people diagnose conditions at an earlier stage will, of course, have a beneficial effect on the whole healthcare system.”