Top 5 Reasons To Virtually Attend Digital Health Online Summit

A six-day online event from May 25th - 30th, is coming up to showcase a comprehensive overview of the current digital activities, innovations and guidelines.

Digital Health Online Summit

With the COVID19 pandemic underway, the healthcare industry has been hit hard, due to its slow progress, in terms of digitization and technology innovation. Now, it is adopting Telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled medical devices, and blockchain electronic health records. In the pre-pandemic scenario, only 1% of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies embraced technology for its operations.

Virtual reality tools, wearable medical devices, telehealth, and 5G mobile technology are some aspects that are yet to be utilized to their fullest potential. Amid so many aspects yet to be explored, Digital Health Online Summit, a six-day online event from May 25th – 30th, is coming up to showcase a comprehensive overview of the current digital activities, innovations and guidelines needed for a successful transformation. It is an excellent opportunity for healthcare professionals who want to go online, and others seeking a bird’s eye view of the situation.

Here are the top five reasons why you should virtually attend Digital Health Online Summit:

1. Fresh Insights from the Best Healthcare Practitioners
With a line-up of 40 of the finest healthcare experts from 25 countries, we’ve curated a selection of the leading healthcare experts, including United Health Group, NHS, European Health Management Association, WONCA and many more. These experts will give you unique and timely insights into the digital shift towards better healthcare services. You will definitely be equipped with the best strategies and tactics required for a successful healthcare transformation.

2. Watch Only What You Need
Specificity is the key here. Unlike conventional physical conferences, you don’t have to sit through the content you don’t need. Rather, you can dip in and watch talks specific to your interest. You may also catch them all for a broader context.

3. Tactical learnings in 10 different categories
From new ideas in the industry to improving your current strategy – we have it all covered. Our speakers will give a descriptive overview of Clinical Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in PEM, market overview, on-demand healthcare, big data, predictive healthcare, tomorrow’s perspectives, and so much more.

4. No travel and Logistics Expense
As the summit is entirely online, you will save a fortune, since travel and logistics expenses are non-existent. You can watch from any location on your device, from any part of the world. With a virtual platform like this, you can focus most of your time on learning and applying the best Digital Health practices beneficial for your organization.

5. More Practical Less Theoretical
At the summit, you will get a chance to interact with top decision-makers from leading healthcare organizations – the leaders of business development, digital efforts, and absolute engagement who navigate their companies into the future. You will get state-of-the-art ideas through case studies and interviews that focus on all aspects of a feasible transformation in the healthcare industry.

Well, if you’re still giving it a second thought, note that free access to the Digital Health Online Summit is a limited time offer. Go grab yours now, before we run out!