Incredible Health lets hospitals hire nurses faster during COVID-19

The platform updates enable even more rapid and seamless hiring of permanent, specialized nurses to less than 12 days.

Incredible Health platform updates

Incredible Health is already committed to helping nurses find better, more fulfilling roles while supporting healthcare employers in quickly hiring the permanent talent they need in a cost-efficient manner.

Now the company has launched platform updates to enable even more rapid and seamless hiring of permanent, specialized nurses to less than 12 days, while simultaneously avoiding the high costs associated with hiring temporary travel nurses. It is a key step in keeping costs down for healthcare employers at a time when many have suffered substantial revenue-losses due to the pandemic.

What are the specifics?

The new features, built collaboratively with Incredible Health’s hospital partners, include:

  • Enhanced custom-matching algorithms to help screen the talent’s credentials and preferences, and automatically custom match the talent with employers. This increases the likelihood that a nurse is the right fit from the outset.
  • Automated interview scheduling that uses SMS and requires zero IT integration. This enables 70% of interviews to be automatically scheduled within 36 hours of matching, reducing HR overhead costs.
  • Remote interviewing to allow both recruiters and nurses the freedom to complete interviews from the safety of their homes.
  • In-app chat between employers and nurses in the Incredible Health iOS, Android, and web apps — which directly correlates with faster hiring and helps both parties complete the hiring process far more quickly.
  • Robust data analytics, including benchmarks with competitors and candidate response data.
  • Enhanced nurse profiles with specialty skills & references, with nurse profiles now supporting 45 specialties and 250 skills to highlight, including highly specific ICU and OR skill. Employers also get access to pre-collected nurse references to aid hiring managers in rapid decision making, while nurses have continued access to the free continuing education courses.
The impact

Used by more than 200 hospitals and health systems nationwide and hundreds of thousands of nurses, Incredible Health already has the fastest speed-to-hire process for permanent nurses, averaging about 24 days before the pandemic compared to the national 90-day average. The new platform enhancements help accelerate the hiring process even further, at a time when hospitals cannot afford delays or additional costs from overtime and travel nurse agencies.

In fact, over the last several months – speed-to-hire has decreased to only 12 days, with an interview being sent through the platform every 20 minutes. Additionally, retention of nurses hired through Incredible Health’s platform is 15% higher at the one year mark than other hiring methods.

The company claims that its platform saves hospitals at least $2M per year in travel nurse, overtime, and HR costs.