Tyto Care launches AI-powered diagnostic support solution for telehealth

Harnessing Tyto's robust big data, the initial solution will support decision making for clinicians treating common use cases like wheezing and stridor.

Tyto Care

Tyto Care announced an AI-powered diagnostic support solution that will provide clinicians with advanced insights for informed remote diagnoses. The solution will improve the quality of remote triage for common primary and chronic health issues, grounded in Tyto Care’s repository of videos, sounds and images related to telehealth visits. The diagnostic tool has been submitted to the FDA for clearance, expected in mid-2021.

How does it work?

Using machine learning algorithms, the diagnostic support solution will have numerous applications, initially deploying to detect abnormalities in lung exams such as wheezing, stridor and crackles, with plans to detect symptoms in throat exams such as exudates, throat redness and swollen tonsils. The new Tyto Care solution will alert clinicians and patients to the presence of these abnormalities, providing clinicians much-needed decision support for common use cases. Wheezing, for example, has a high frequency of cases but a low rate of remote diagnosis by general practitioners. The ability to provide clinicians with expanded throat and lung insights is especially crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tyto Care developed the decision support tool in conjunction with experienced pulmonologists and general practitioners based on its vast database of insights.

Since receiving FDA clearance for the TytoCare device in 2017, the company has accumulated a powerful repository of clinical exams, including over 450,000 exams performed in the past 12 months. Analysis of this robust big data, in combination with clinical literature, fuels the decision support algorithms. The algorithms, which required testing on a large number of exam recordings unique to Tyto Care, are also uniquely equipped to handle lower quality data collected during user intake exams and to remove any interfering sounds. Tyto Care chose lung abnormalities for its initial use case due to the widespread success of its lung exam.

On the record

“We are excited to be pushing forward the evolution from telehealth to tele-diagnosis,” said Dedi Gilad, CEO and Co-Founder of Tyto Care. “The pandemic has accelerated the need for remote care, and we have seen firsthand the global surge in demand from health organizations, hospitals and consumers for high-quality telehealth solutions. With Tyto’s diagnosis support solution, we will be equipping clinicians to make better informed decisions from afar. We look forward to propelling telehealth and tele-diagnosis even further with other at-home diagnosis solutions to come.”

The context

The AI-powered diagnostic solution follows Tyto Care’s existing AI-guidance tool, which enables the replication of in-person visits by guiding users to accurately collect exam data, and further digitizes the entire primary care journey for patients and clinicians alike. Moving toward tele-diagnosis, Tyto Care plans to expand future at-home use cases with self-diagnosis, remote monitoring and remote lab capabilities.