Amwell announces Amwell Now and expanded carepoint portfolio

New offerings are meant to increase doctor-to-patient virtual connectivity, helping providers adopt and health systems scale telehealth across specialties.

Amwell tablet

Telehealth company Amwell announced new connectivity, device and cart offerings — all tailored to meet the evolving needs of care teams and patients. Spurred by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company is introducing Amwell Now, new Touchpoint Tablet software, and the C500 telemedicine cart to help health systems and other healthcare organizations easily leverage telehealth as a safe, quality care option.

Why does it matter?

Amwell Now and Amwell’s latest Carepoint tablets and carts are designed to make it easier for providers to quickly onboard patients and use virtual care. These tools can be integrated within and scaled across organizations’ current systems and devices, making it simple to embed and launch telehealth across various specialties and serve an entire care organization. New offerings include:

Amwell Now
Amwell Now enables a simple connectivity experience for patients and providers, streamlining entry to the Amwell platform, which is purposefully designed for healthcare interactions. Amwell Now addresses physicians’ needs for easy, fast video visits, all on Amwell’s platform. It delivers simple reporting functionality and the ability for organizations to put forward their own brand versus that of Amwell. Providers can deploy Amwell Now with only a few clicks, invite patients by text or email, launch an instant video connection, and experience an adaptable video visit workflow that is easy for both themselves and their patients.

Touchpoint Tablet Software
Amwell’s Touchpoint Tablet software offers a new and simple way to connect remote providers to on-site patients and providers. It lets health systems use iPads to facilitate bedside video connectivity and collaboration in a secure, reliable, HIPAA-compliant way. The Touchpoint Tablet software is integrated with Amwell Fleet Monitoring, enabling health systems to track their tablets as part of their Carepoint fleet.

The C500 is Amwell’s latest-generation, lightweight telemedicine cart that empowers providers to conduct high-quality remote exams across a variety of specialties. Featuring an embedded 4K camera that responds immediately to user commands and sensors that make the cart environment-aware, the C500 provides a seamless care experience that is fully integrated with the Amwell telehealth platform.

On the record

“Amid COVID-19, healthcare organizations’ needs for and expectations surrounding telehealth have fundamentally changed,” said Ido Schoenberg, Chairman and Co-CEO, Amwell. “Increasingly, virtual care is being used as core to all types of care delivery, whether it’s to safeguard care teams, limit unnecessary exposure for patients, or to prioritize the home as a go-to care setting. Our latest offerings are responsive to industry calls for simplicity, integration, and quality, and in service to the evolving landscape of healthcare and our lives overall.”

The context

Telehealth usage has soared during the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling to keep as many people at home as possible to slow the virus spread.

According to this year’s NPHA survey, patients have also become more comfortable with the use of videoconferencing technologies. Among the survey respondents, 62% said at least one of their health providers offers telehealth visits, up from 14% of respondents in the 2019 poll.