These amazing applications promise to change dentistry

This article explores some of the most amazing applications and new technologies in the field of dentistry.

change dentistry

The new technologies have changed the way we used to perceive the world and the events taking place here day in day out. So, it shouldn’t surprise you if you learn that these same technologies will play the most significant role in shaping the future of dentistry.

Top dentists and dental clinics like Peak Family Dental Care in Sedona, AZ have already started using the system to improve the dental health of patients. The section below talks about some of the most amazing applications and new technologies in the field of dentistry.

Smart Toothbrushes

Today, the market will allow you to choose from a wide variety of smart toothbrushes, each featuring different kinds of technologies. You will get units equipped with pressure sensors, cameras, etc. These devices will track your brushing habit and carry out oral examinations during your routine brushing process.

The above-mentioned features of the smart toothbrushes will allow your dentist to understand the exact state of your teeth by checking the camera. The pressure sensors, on the other hand, will help the dentist in determining whether you are brushing your teeth correctly.

Dental Wearables

A group of scientists at Tufts University has designed a unique wearable sensor that utilizes IoT’s preventive potential for improving dental health.

You’ll need to attach the sensor to a tooth in order to allow it to track your diet. The sensor would do so by assessing the chemical changes taking place in your mouth. It is capable of transmitting data on the user’s alcohol, salt, and glucose intake.


The companies offering teledentistry services provide users with trouble-free access to dental and oral care. By using teledentistry, you’ll reduce your dental care expenses significantly. Additionally, you’ll get to consult dentists who are too busy to meet you physically.

Tailored Dental Insurance Policies

IoT can also reduce the premium of your dental insurance significantly. It would do so by coming up with an accurate estimation of the actual treatment needs you may have in the future. IoT-enabled insurance services assess the personal data of people and present unique dental insurance plans for every individual.

Robot Surgeons

Recent years have also seen robots carrying out dental surgeries. Indeed, robots are yet to handle an entire surgery all by themselves. However, they have turned out to be great assistants to dentists when it comes to dental implant surgeries.

According to experts, soon the world might witness a time when robots will be carrying out dental surgeries more accurately and safely than top dental surgeons.

3D Printed Implants

Many dentists have started recommending the use of 3D printed dental implants to enable faster treatment and reduce overall expenses. The 3D printers are used to print artificial gums, resin for preparing dentures, dental impression trays, and so on.

Final Words

IoT is surely the future as far as dentistry is concerned. Its application will keep improving with time and soon we’ll witness every dental clinic in the United States use the system for offering better treatment.