Wellframe, Validic team-up to enhance care management support with biometric monitoring

The alignment allows health plan members to integrate their glucometer devices from the Wellframe app, unlocking a more personalized experience.

Wellframe digital care management

Wellframe and Validic announced a strategic collaboration, empowering Wellframe members to integrate medical device data within the Wellframe mobile app. This integration with Validic will first enable Wellframe users to track their blood glucose levels across 50 glucometer devices, right from the Wellframe app. Wellframe’s ability to collect meaningful biometrics data from their digital care management platform allows for more touchpoints with care teams and actionable care plans.

Why does it matter?

Validic is a platform and solutions company that helps to orchestrate and integrate members’ personal health data into condition management programs — offering supporting visualization, analytics, and alerting tools for remote patient monitoring. Its technology will be embedded into Wellframe via the Wellframe app. All from a single app, Wellframe members will be able to seamlessly upload data across wearables, medical devices, and more, as well as access holistic resources and guidance to manage their health. Health plan staff will be able to view one comprehensive display including both members’ biometric data and trends as well as historic health information. This information, as part of the care management services, allow for more personalized care to the individual, in order to:

  • Support members in managing their health at home
  • Improve adherence by helping patients remember to take their medications
  • Inform behavioral and lifestyle decisions
  • Drive engagement between members and care teams

The Validic integration on the Wellframe platform is available as part of the Wellframe digital care management solution.

On the record

“At Wellframe, our objective is to help health plans advocate for their members and support them throughout their healthcare journeys,” said Jacob Sattelmair, co-founder and CEO of Wellframe. “Our integration with Validic adds crucial new dimensions of data to our platform and helps us facilitate meaningful person-to-person connections between members and their care teams. That, in turn, drives better outcomes and improves lives, and does so while reducing costs.”

“We’re excited to work with Wellframe to help them further their goal of providing personalized care to their members,” said Brian Carter, Chief Product Officer at Validic. “Validic’s ability to collect, integrate and inform care management services helps to strengthen personalized relationships between members and their care teams. This is only the beginning and we’re looking forward to building upon this collaboration.”

The context

More than 133 million Americans, 40% of the total population, are managing chronic conditions, costing the U.S. healthcare system more than $3 trillion annually. Chronic conditions, like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, are complicated, confusing and often time consuming for patients to manage, leading to poor outcomes. For more than a decade, Wellframe, a pioneer in digital health management, has offered a platform to help health plan members better manage their own health, while providing better data and oversight for health care organizations. Due to the pandemic, 2020 saw a rise in virtual telehealth and at-home care, which corresponded with a nearly 2X increase in members joining the Wellframe platform year over year. Wellframe’s new integration via Validic enables Wellframe customers to provide even more comprehensive, seamless care management by easily capturing information from the most widely used, affordable devices that are used by the most people.