Is Locum Tenens a Healthier Career for Physicians?

When it comes to building a career as a physician, most people already have a plan laid out about how they want things to go...

When it comes to building a career as a physician, most people already have a plan laid out about how they want things to go. It typically involves trying to get used to the politics and processes of a single healthcare facility, earning the respect of their peers, and doing their best for the next several years.

It can seem like a straightforward endeavor, but it can be quite stressful and even compromise the health of most physicians due to the strain that comes from a hectic schedule. It can be problematic for most physicians, as they tend to resign themselves to stress and a lack of sleep to get the job done. On the other hand, locum tenens offer something that might be better for a physician’s health.

What exactly is locum tenens?

Locum tenens is an alternative career for physicians that involve filling in for another physician’s spot in a location of your choice. With the help of qualified locum tenens companies, they can help you acquire the documentation and licenses you need to get started on the assignment.

Locum tenens involves being assigned to a location where your skills and experience as a physician are in great demand. It can be an exciting career choice and one that can be a great starting-off-point for rookie physicians, while being an excellent way to switch things up as an experienced physician.

What makes locum tenens an excellent career choice?

First and foremost, depending on the assignment you choose, you will likely be paid more than the usual rate for a physician of your standing. The reason why that’s such a good thing for new physicians is that it can help them pay off their student loans much quicker than usual. It will also look quite good on their resume, considering that locum tenens is often seen as a trial by fire.

That said, while you are proving your worth in a meaningful way, you are also provided a more rigid schedule to follow. You will likely not be asked to work for longer than your schedule demands, as it lacks the administrative work that comes with most physician careers. It can help you focus on your health quite a bit more.

An easier and more difficult career choice

As stated above, the easy part about locum tenens is that you no longer have to worry about administrative responsibilities. While most physicians have to deal with plenty of paperwork, locum tenens physicians do not have to worry about those responsibilities. Instead, they can focus on what they do best. Depending on the area it could provide more of a focus on digital health, allowing physicians to be more precise and feel less stress overall. That said, it allows you to focus on your health and ensure that you are given the chance to go for a healthier lifestyle.

It’s true that locum tenens is not necessarily a career choice for everyone. However, it pays to research what locum tenens can offer, as curious physicians might find it to be the best possible path on the road to being a skilled and reliable healthcare professional that is also looking out for their physical and mental well-being.