Teladoc Health launches an integrated mental health service

Called myStrength Complete, the service provides personalized, targeted care to consumers in a single, comprehensive experience.

Teladoc myStrength Complete

Teladoc Health announced the launch of myStrength Complete, an integrated mental health service providing personalized, targeted care to consumers in a single, comprehensive experience. The announcement comes as more than half of people with mental health concerns report that they do not know where to start when getting care, highlighting the importance of the digital front door myStrength Complete will provide.

Why does it matter?

A new consumer study released by Teladoc Health also revealed individuals’ openness to using a broad range of new and traditional mental health services in the midst of the ongoing mental health crisis, giving nearly identical high ratings to their virtual and in-person mental health care experiences, while also expressing a strong desire to have the single unified experience promised by myStrength Complete. Some 69 percent of people surveyed who sought support indicated it would be difficult and/or overwhelming to use multiple websites, mobile apps or virtual care platforms to address mental health needs. myStrength Complete’s proprietary stepped care model is designed to seamlessly combine app-based tools and coaching expertise with Teladoc’s therapists and psychiatrists to ensure that consumers get the level of mental health support and care they need, when they need it.

Today’s findings also demonstrated the efficacy of virtual mental health care during the current mental health crisis, which has been exacerbated by the combination of health, economic and social challenges facing the country. Nearly all of those surveyed who said they sought virtual mental health support – 92 percent – reported at least some improvement during the pandemic, with over one-third reporting significant improvement or a “breakthrough” during treatment. Of those who leveraged virtual mental healthcare, 47 percent used the service at least weekly.

The consumer study released today was conducted on behalf of Teladoc Health by TRC Market Research. Respondents included 2,253 U.S. consumers surveyed online between April 8 and 20, 2021.

On the record

“We are connecting the full range of mental health services from apps to clinicians so that people can access timely help, tailored to their needs and on their terms,” said David Sides, COO at Teladoc Health. “myStrength Complete meets the dual consumer needs of comprehensive mental health care and a simplified experience in one service — developed through the integration of Teladoc Health and Livongo.”

“Mental health needs and utilization rates have grown dramatically since the pandemic began, paving the way for a new mental healthcare consumer – one who embraces virtual-first and digital channels for support,” said Dr. Julia Hoffman, head of clinical strategy, mental health for Teladoc Health. “Virtual mental healthcare is no longer just a benefit for employees, it is a necessity.”


myStrength Complete will be available to consumers through their health plans or employers in July, with pre-announcement sales already ensuring hundreds of thousands of consumers will have access to the new service this summer. Initial buyers of myStrength Complete currently include a major Blues plan and a Fortune 100 employer. More than eight in ten consumers who sought support now say they are comfortable using mental health resources through their employer, in a marked shift away from historical concerns with workplace stigma.