DarioHealth launches Upright GO S, a wearable posture-correcting sensor

The new device improves access to back health solutions and is aimed at increasing membership on Dario's integrated personalization platform.

Upright GO S

DarioHealth announced the launch of the Upright GO S, a new wearable sensor based on the company’s pioneering biofeedback technologies to make better back health accessible to more people.

Why does it matter?

This new product from Upright, by Dario, is part of the company’s planned growth strategy for increasing platform membership across both business partnerships and consumer channels. Currently, Dario has more than 185,000 members across its integrated suite of digital therapeutics for chronic and mental health needs.

The Upright GO S represents an advancement in our sensor technology and addresses the demand for more accessible musculoskeletal care across our consumer base. In addition, the Upright Go S presents an attractive option for cost-conscious consumers which we anticipate will enhance the diversity of the members on our platform. Increased diversity of our membership allows our AI-powered personalization engine to provide more tailored experiences to a broader set of users.

On the record

“One of the strengths of Upright’s sensor-based solutions is the successful track record of consumer adoption. The Upright GO S continues that legacy by offering a more affordable option to make digital health solutions accessible to a larger number of people in support of our mission and membership growth strategy,” said Erez Raphael, CEO of DarioHealth.

The context

New research published in the journal Demography documents the growing prevalence of chronic back and neck pain in U.S. adults, with the greatest increase in pain affecting those in lower socioeconomic classes. Employers are also paying attention, as back pain becomes a significant problem for their populations, especially for employees who spend significant amounts of time sitting. In addition, a recent survey of Upright by Dario users found that 78% agree that the increase in sedentary activities during the day are negatively impacting their health, further illustrating the need for preventative approaches.