Milliman HealthIO teams-up with Papa to aid in chronic care management

Using high-tech, high-touch approaches to healthcare and aging at home, the collaboration seeks to expand services to seniors through Medicare Advantage plans.

Milliman HealthIO

Milliman, which is a premier global consulting and actuarial firm, announced that Milliman HealthIO is collaborating with senior assistance start-up Papa with the goal of providing hands-on help to HealthIO program members.

How does it work?

HealthIO provides a mobile-first app-based platform, enabling users to capture and record multiple health vitals on a regular basis. The resulting longitudinal data is easy to share with healthcare providers and a HealthIO member’s support network. The data reveals valuable insights into the member’s health status during the many hours they spend away from the healthcare system. The member’s data can also trigger early intervention if trends indicate a developing health problem. The HealthIO program enables members to better manage their health, including those who are living with chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes.

Papa is an on-demand assistance service for older adults and families. Service is scheduled through the Papa app or Papa’s toll-free phone number and delivered through “Papa Pals”- vetted, non-medical companions who provide support such as transport to medical appointments, technology assistance, light housework, grocery shopping, along with social connection to combat loneliness and its health implications.

On the record

“We’re excited to collaborate with Papa,” said Sanjay Mohan, managing director of Milliman HealthIO. “Their mission to help older adults stay independent complements our mission to enable individuals to be – and stay – healthy. Given that six in ten adults1 live with chronic disease, we know we have a tremendous opportunity to put simple technology in their hands, to help monitor and manage their health on a regular basis, in between doctor’s visits, and before health events get out of hand.”

Andrew Parker, founder and CEO of Papa said, “The moment for remote patient monitoring (RPM) has arrived, with trends in technology, reimbursement, and adoption all moving in the right direction. At the same time, we can’t leave non-digital natives or those contending with other access challenges behind. Papa is thrilled by Milliman’s vision with HealthIO in this area, and we’re honored to bring the human element to help members and providers alike realize the value of RPM.”

The context

With this collaboration, HealthIO and Papa bring together their high-tech and high-touch capabilities to serve a variety of organizations that are looking to deliver comprehensive chronic care management to their constituents, such as Medicare Advantage plan members. In their role as a trusted companion, Papa Pals can provide non-medical hands-on help to HealthIO program members in the set-up and use of the HealthIO app and connected smart devices, which can then record vitals such as blood pressure, blood glucose, blood oxygen, pulse, and weight. Subsequent visits by Papa Pals can help reinforce self-monitoring and its benefits for the member.