The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic taps ReviveHealth to offer members virtual second opinions on demand

Collaboration will provide an innovative approach to care delivery, improving quality and outcomes while reducing costs.

The Clinic

The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic, a joint venture between Cleveland Clinic and Amwell, and ReviveHealth — a company focused on bringing simple, affordable, and accessible care to all Americans — announced a partnership to enable ReviveHealth members to obtain online expert second opinions from Cleveland Clinic’s 3,500 world-renowned expert physicians via a telehealth platform powered by Amwell.

Why does it matter?

ReviveHealth plans to emphasize availability of the virtual second opinion solution through its current product offering Revive Plus+ with an objective to include the virtual second opinion in future product platforms. ReviveHealth believes very strongly in giving members control of their healthcare while improving access and affordability. Revive Plus+ members can access the virtual second opinion service through The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic after consulting with their ReviveHealth care provider.

On the record

“The vision of ReviveHealth is a future where every person, regardless of circumstance, has access to affordable, simplified healthcare and the resources and support needed to live their healthiest lives,” said John J. Walker, M.D., CPE, CEO & President of ReviveHealth, Inc. “We are gratified to be able to partner with The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic to bring virtual second opinions to our members. This partnership allows ReviveHealth to bring to those we serve the world-class services of the Cleveland Clinic through innovative telehealth technologies at no additional cost beyond their monthly membership. No co-pays, no deductibles, no hidden expenses. Just superlative care when you need it most, from the convenience of your home.”

“We’re excited to provide ReviveHealth members dealing with significant medical conditions the opportunity to have Cleveland Clinic expert physicians review their diagnoses and treatment plans,” stated Frank McGillin, CEO of The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic. “Our partnership with ReviveHealth provides us with an even greater opportunity to unlock access to the world’s best healthcare expertise so no one is left behind.”

The context

The need for second opinions in healthcare is growing, with the market for second opinions projected to reach $7 billion by 2024, up from $2.7 billion in 2019. Data from The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic shows that when patients receive a second opinion for life-altering diagnoses, such as cancer, 28% of patients receive a change in diagnosis. Additionally, when reviewed by expert physicians, 72% of treatment plans are modified after analysis.