Noom Mood is a new program that aims to reduce stress and improve mental wellness

Popular digital health platform applies its expertise in behavior change to expand its offerings for mind and body health.

Noom Mood

Noom, which is focused on behavior change, launched Noom Mood – a program dedicated to helping people develop and implement healthy habits to manage daily stress and anxious thoughts. Noom has built a powerful behavior change platform — grounded in more than a decade of user insights, behavioral science research, and technological innovation underpinning its successful Noom Weight program — that it is now adapting to new categories and conditions. Noom Mood is the company’s first consumer product launch beyond its flagship weight management offering and marks a major advancement for the company toward becoming a total health destination.

Why does it matter?

Four out of five Americans report feeling the emotional consequences of prolonged stress, with overall stress levels higher than ever before. Research shows that while daily stressors are linked to serious negative effects on overall health, U.S. adults report a lack of time, energy, and confidence as barriers to managing their stress. Noom Mood meets this need by combining accessibility, structure, and support into a digital program with evidence-based stress management tools and techniques; structured, educational lessons; and supportive coaching to help users develop coping skills and build resilience.

Noom Mood is a structured, digital program that enables users to understand the “why” behind their stress and manage it daily. Key features of the Noom Mood program include:

  • Daily 10-minute lessons rooted in psychological principles such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Acceptance Commitment Theory (ACT) that help develop healthier habits and coping mechanisms
  • Mindfulness-based techniques and tools that help reduce stress for immediate relief
  • Human coaching for guidance, empathy, and social support along the journey
  • Mood logging to better understand your mood and measure progress

Noom Mood is available on iOS and Android in the U.S. and from the Noom Mood website.

On the record

“A stress management product has been a top request from our Noom community,” said Saeju Jeong, Noom co-founder and CEO. “As awareness grows around the importance of mental well-being for living a healthy and happy life, Noom Mood fills an urgent gap for those who want to improve their relationship with stress. The program is easy to use any time, anywhere, building users’ confidence and empowering them to take control of their health. Expanding our platform to include Noom Mood is a big step toward leveraging our behavior change expertise across the health spectrum while delivering increased value to our customers.”

“Because Noom is rooted in psychology, we have helped millions of users realize the critical connection between mental wellness and physical health, and the impact each one can have on the other,” said Andreas Michaelides, Ph.D., chief of psychology at Noom. “The launch of Noom Mood marks an exciting new chapter for Noom to help even more people unlock powerful holistic health outcomes.”

“Noom helped my mental wellness by teaching me different tools and techniques for grounding and centering myself when faced with stress,” said Sammie, an early Noom Mood user from Bradenton, Fla. “I came to Noom overthinking and letting anxiety run my life. Now, after Noom Mood, I feel more in control of my thoughts and emotions.”

The context

Over the past 13 years, Noom users have experienced firsthand how the psychology behind Noom helps them understand the connection between their behaviors and their physical and mental health. In a recent survey of more than 3,000 Noom Weight users, 75% said that Noom helped them feel more emotionally balanced, 72% said Noom helped them improve their mental wellness, and more than 60% said that Noom helped them become more self-aware, feel more motivated, and feel more self-acceptance.