Noom Mood

Noom Mood is a new program that aims to reduce stress and improve mental...

Popular digital health platform applies its expertise in behavior change to expand its offerings for mind and body health.
Noom S Health

Noom, CityMD to pilot the S Health app for diabetes prevention

Up to 670 New Yorkers diagnosed with prediabetes will be included in the pilot, which should result in the creation of a novel health program.
Noom app

Noom teams-up with Kaiser Permanente and Mount Sinai over a mobile eating disorder treatment

The three parties will work together on a 12-week, 200-person trial of a new mobile health app for eating disorders called Noom Monitor.
Noom Coach

Noom raises $16M for its food logging apps, enters licensing deal with Rodale

The new money will be used for R&D, salaries and/or other compensation paid to executive officers in the ordinary course of business.