Olive launches new healthcare marketplace to create a distribution channel for industry pioneers

Called The Library, it offers solutions from Olive as well as a broad ecosystem of developers and partners to build the Internet of Healthcare, together.

Olive - The Library

Olive, which is creating what it calls the Internet of Healthcare, announced the launch of The Library – a healthcare solution marketplace providing developers, independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators (SIs) and other partners an important distribution channel to list, sell, and grow as part of Olive’s ecosystem. By launching The Library, Olive is investing in a strategy that combines its own experience with the experience of an ecosystem of industry pioneers to fundamentally change healthcare.

Why does it matter?

Olive recognizes that healthcare is in a state of crisis where costs continue to rise and healthcare worker burnout continues to accelerate. Olive is leading a revolution in healthcare by automating manual processes and connecting disparate, siloed technology systems across the industry. This change is opening new opportunities for other healthcare companies to grow and help Olive on its mission to unleash a trillion dollars of hidden potential within healthcare by connecting its disconnected systems.

This new marketplace enables Olive’s partners — ranging from individual developers to large enterprise brands — to open a distribution channel and market to Olive’s customer base, which currently includes more than 950 providers and payers and more than 75 health systems in over 45 states across the United States and growing rapidly. Extending beyond technology and into consulting, change management, and training solutions, The Library provides access to the largest healthcare brands in the industry.

The Library is initially launching with the following partners: 10-4.ai, Adaptrack, Advocatia, AMI Expeditionary Healthcare, Centric Consulting, ClosedLoop.ai, DARVIS, Drip7, Evergreen, Galen Healthcare Solutions, Grief Coach, Protenus, Ribbon Health, Rotera, Seqster, Syllable, Telespine, Valhalla Healthcare, Welcome Home Health, and more are being added.

On the record

“We’re calling on everyone who wants to help transform healthcare,” said Sean Lane, CEO of Olive. “Join us. The Library is going to open an unprecedented opportunity for innovators and pioneers due to our existing relationships with top health systems. Together, the returns from our investments should create a new health experience for humans.”

“We’re thrilled to be one of the initial solutions launching with Olive’s Library”, said Ardy Arianpour, CEO and Co-founder of Seqster. “Joining the Library gives us greater ability of putting patients at the center of their healthcare data and we’re excited to be partnering with Olive to create the Internet of Healthcare.”

The context

The Library reduces the burden of investing in marketing efforts and provides developers and partners with a successful distribution channel to sell their products and services to an established customer base that’s actively looking for solutions.