DarioHealth unveils its digital musculoskeletal solution – Dario Move

New product significantly expands the impact and value of Dario's integrated digital therapeutics platform.


Developer of digital therapeutics (DTx) DarioHealth is launching Dario Move, a new digital physical therapy solution to manage common musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions that drive significant costs for employers and health plans.

With the addition of Dario Move, Dario’s full suite is now positioned to support comprehensive chronic condition management across three of the top priorities for employers: diabetes, behavioral health and metabolic health needs.

How does it work?

Dario Move makes it easy for people to improve their musculoskeletal health by combining intelligent software, technology and professional human support, including:

  • A single biofeedback sensor for ease of use;
  • Personalized, evidence-based exercise programs designed by physical therapists for effective treatment;
  • Real-time feedback to help improve movement;
  • Real-time support from coaches and Physical Therapists throughout treatment to monitor, adjust and encourage progress; and
  • A highly personalized experience across Dario’s full suite of chronic conditions solutions.
On the record

“The launch of Dario Move marks a significant achievement for our Company, as we successfully and efficiently integrated the Upright MSK solution into our comprehensive multi-chronic condition digital therapeutics platform, further expanding its industry-leading breadth and reach,” said Erez Raphael, CEO and President, DarioHealth. “Dario Move is the realization of our vision for multi-use applications of the sensor technologies acquired during our purchase of Upright, and this new solution unlocks vast new market potential. Further, we believe that the integration with our multi-chronic platform strengthens our platform from a buyer perspective and in our ability to deliver results and value for our partners.”

“Dario Move offers an attractive alternative to more traditional and complex solutions by providing engaging and effective digital treatments in a member’s home,” said Rick Anderson, President and General Manager North America. “This increases the likelihood of member engagement and retention to care which improves clinical outcomes and lowers the cost of care. Integration across our suite of products allows us to provide an integrated, personalized user experience on a single platform while providing operational efficiencies that our clients want.”

The context

The cost of care for musculoskeletal health has increased significantly during the last decade, making it one of the costliest conditions for employers today, according to a recent survey of large employers. Yet even though 50% of U.S. adults are affected by an MSK disorder, many people who would benefit from traditionally lower-cost treatments such as physical therapy do not ever access care. Dario Move’s digital physical therapy creates a better way to improve access by shifting the site of care to each person’s home, providing easy to use sensors and individualized exercises; all powered by Dario’s behavior change platform. Digital physical therapy provides for more cost-effective, assessable and sustainable engagement.