Solv launches Test Finder for 25 tests

Functionality expands Solv testing capabilities beyond COVID-19 to meet the needs of today's digital-first patient.

Solv Health - Test Finder

Solv, which connects patients to a national network of healthcare providers making same-day and next-day healthcare accessible to anyone, launched a Test Finder to help consumers quickly discover everyday health testing near them. The Test Finder eliminates the inconvenience and stress that comes with searching for and booking common health tests, allowing consumers to quickly and conveniently manage their everyday healthcare in one place.

Why does it matter?

Access to rapid health testing is critical to accurate diagnosis and treatment of diseases and chronic conditions as well as managing the testing requirements often needed for everyday life — like employment, school, and travel. While COVID-19 testing has dominated testing capacity for the past 20 months, other testing needs have not abated. Solv’s Test Finder helps consumers find providers who offer these services as quickly and easily as they can book a COVID test.

The new Solv Test Finder currently includes a total of 25 lab test services and will expand in the coming months, based on consumer demand and search volume. For example: Blood Test, Drug Test, HIV Test, STD Testing, Diabetes Test, Allergy Testing, and TB Test.

Lab tests used to require physician orders, whether they were collected at a doctor’s office or at an offsite draw station. But today DNA tests, STD tests, common blood and diabetes tests, and now COVID-19 tests can all be self-directed, allowing consumers easy, on-demand access to many of the tests they need.

In one easy, end-to-end experience, consumers can now search for and book lab tests via the Solv app or website and quickly get lab test results in the Solv app. Solv also provides educational content and FAQs for each test type to help consumers better understand what each test is for, how to navigate the booking process, how to interpret test results, and more.

On the record

“Now more than ever, consumers want to know when and where they can get high quality healthcare near them. Too many Americans deferred everyday care during these past 18 months, and in many ways, our Test Finder is an answer to that problem,” said Heather Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of Solv. “We want to help consumers nationwide get any test they need today, with the same ease-of-access they have come to expect with other convenient care needs on Solv.”

“Working with Solv has been a total game-changer when it comes to expanding testing access and exceeding patient expectations of what a truly accessible and on-demand healthcare experience can look like,” said Michael Alahverdian, VP of Sales at Empire City Labs. ” We’re excited to continue the partnership and see this test finder as yet another way to support our existing patients today, while establishing new relationships in the long term.”

The context

Solv connects patients to a national network of convenient healthcare providers, empowering consumers to simplify their everyday healthcare needs. For providers, Solv’s technology improves their quality of service, engagement with their patients, and the performance of their practice. For consumers, Solv offers same-day appointment availability, in-person and virtual visits, and cost transparency. Solv aims to eliminate the stress of everyday healthcare by letting you know where you can go, when you’ll be seen, and how much it will cost.