Innovaccer unveils Connected Digital Health solution for biopharma and medtech

The solution will allow these companies to realize the promise of digital health with holistic experiences that connect brands, providers, and patients.

innovacer booth

Innovaccer, which dubs itself the Health Cloud company, announced its Connected Digital Health solution — touting it as a new way for life sciences companies to rapidly deliver next-generation digital apps that surround therapeutics and devices with highly engaging patient experiences, improve clinical outcomes, and generate valuable real world evidence (RWE).

How does it work?

With Innovaccer’s Connected Digital Health solution, biopharma and medtech companies will be able to speed time-to-market of patient-centric apps that connect patients to their care teams and deliver real-time health insights into their physicians’ workflows. Providers and patients alike will be able to act on these insights to improve care management and adherence, factors proven to enhance the quality of care.

In addition, Innovaccer’s Connected Digital Health solution will enable patient- and population-level RWE to be generated and delivered to biopharma and medtech brands for indicating their real-world use, benefits, and potential target populations; identifying label expansion opportunities, supporting clinical trial designs and observational studies-ultimately providing crucial insights for further drug and device innovation.

On the record

“Creating digital health apps with a unified brand-provider-patient workflow is the next great vista for pharma brands and we can help them cross it,” said Kanav Hasija, chief customer officer and cofounder of Innovaccer. “In an increasingly crowded market, launching another ‘me-too’ app isn’t enough for brands to succeed. Pharma brands must surround their products with ‘sticky’ experiences that exceed patients’ expectations when compared to the disconnected, point-solution apps patients typically ignore. With Innovaccer, pharma will be able to put an end to health app abandonment with connected health applications that patients really want to use.”

“Digital health app abandonment is a real problem for the industry,” says Abhinav Shashank, CEO and cofounder at Innovaccer. “There are over 350,000 digital health apps today, yet 83% were installed fewer than 5,000 times. They’re not compelling to patients because they work in isolation from the patient’s EHR, care team, and in many cases, the therapeutic brands themselves. We will change that by wrapping a brand-provider-patient workflow around the therapeutic or device that sends clinical insights into provider workflows, creating an end-to-end disease management system. Insights from digital apps will be actionable within the care workflow to everyone: the patient, the provider, and the pharma brand. Innovaccer’s Connected Digital Health solution represents the next generation of digital disease management.”

The context

As a proven leader in value-based care and population health management, Innovaccer is ideally suited to help biopharma and medtech companies unlock the full value of their innovations by integrating them within care workflows, in partnership with providers and health plans. To date, Innovaccer has unified patient records for more than 39 million people across more than 1,600 care settings, including EHRs, labs, pharmacy, telehealth, remote care, devices, and more.