Music streaming service Deezer launching a meditation app soon?

A well-being app called Zen has been launched in Belgium with features that include guided yoga, meditation and inspiration

Deezer medication service

France-based music streaming service Deezer is testing a well-being app called Zen in Belgium with features that include guided yoga, meditation and inspiration. The app is currently only available on iOS while the Android app is in development as we speak.

The iOS app page says there are 600 exclusive bits of content across multiple categories. Users also have an option to access different content based on their mood (great, neutral, bad) and goals (reducing stress, sleeping better, improving relationships and getting more focus). The sessions range from calming sounds for better focus and relaxation to guided chapters for yoga and breathing.

A new account can be created within the app or by signing in with the existing Deezer account.

The news about the meditation app was first announced by the company’s CEO Jeronimo Folgueira during the earnings call in April. At that time, he said that the plan is to roll out the meditation app in 2023 noting the big opportunity to “cross-sell content.”

For that “cross-selling” part, Deezer could tap into its user base of around 9.4 million. Or it could help the company get even more subscribers.

That, however, won’t be an easy feat since this (meditation app) market is currently dominated by giants such as Calm and Headspace Health. Nevertheless, this is a huge market, which is estimated to reach $17.5 billion by 2030 – so there could be a place for an app like Zen, as well. We’ll see how that goes…