Apple announces new Watch Series 8, 2nd-gen Watch SE and Watch Ultra

The Cupertino-based giant is also making its Fitness+ service available to all iPhone users...

Apple store

Apple had a big day yesterday, announcing new iPhones alongside other cool products and services. Out of the bunch, we have selected those that are related to digital health — and yes, there is a new Apple Watch in town. Read on for details.

Apple Watch Series 8

The new Apple Watch looks like its predecessor, but it packs new goodies under the hood, including:

  • A pair of temperature sensors to track changes to your body temperature over time. For example, this could help ladies more accurately track ovulation cycles.
  • More capable sensor suite that can detect if you’re in a car crash and begin the process of contacting emergency services.

The new Apple Watch Series 8 will start at $399 or $499 if you want the version with cellular connectivity. It will start shipping on September 16th.

2nd-gen Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE2

The affordable Apple Watch comes with an upgraded chip (the same as the one the Apple Watch Series 8 has) and new materials. Also, it shares some other features with the Series 8, such as crash detection and international roaming.

The new model is made out of 100% recycled aluminum, while the redesigned back case is made out of nylon composite materials. What’s more, Apple claims this device is made using a production process that reduces its carbon footprint by 80%.

The 2nd generation Apple Watch SE will also start shipping on September 16 for $249 and $299 for the version with cellular connectivity.

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra

The king of the hill in the wearables space packs a ton of features that make it ideal for serious athletes. Here’s how it’s different from Series 8:

  • It has a dedicated “action button” when you want to instantly start your workout, or mark the next segment of a race.
  • A larger digital crown which could be used while wearing gloves
  • It’s louder, thanks to a second speaker; also it has a built-in 86db siren mode for situations where you need someone to be able to find you, fast.
  • Improved compass functionality
  • A quick-toggle “night mode” that shifts the screen to red to limit how much your eyes need to readjust in a dark environment constantly.
  • 36 hours of battery life or 60 hours on a “new battery optimization setting” – which is coming this fall
  • Certified for “recreational scuba”, allowing users to take it down to 130 ft underwater
  • New sports-focused bands, including a woven “Alpine” loop for climbers and an “Ocean” loop meant to fit over a wet suit.

Apple Watch Ultra will start at $799 with shipping beginning on September 23rd.


Apple Fitness+

Apple’s Fitness+ is no longer exclusive to Apple Watch users, with all iPhone users getting it this fall. It will launch in 21 countries at first, with more to follow.

Apple also announced the fourth season of Time to Walk (coming September 12), which will see your walks being accompanied by Regina Hall, Latin Grammy winner Nicky Jam, and Emmy Award-winning performer Leslie Jordan.

Also, Time to Run is starting its second season with locations such as Yellowstone National Park, Mexico City and Queenstown in New Zealand. The Artist Spotlight series with workouts will include music from Mary J. Blige, The Rolling Stones and The Weeknd.

As for the new features, Fitness+ will now give out awards to personal records, streaks or big milestones. Also, on watchOS 9, the workout screen gains additional information along with the trainer’s coaching during the workout itself. And finally, you will be able to stream your workout using iPhone or iPad via AirPlay.