Setting The Directions Of Innovative Future At AUTOMA+ 2022

Registration for the next edition of the Healthcare Automation and Digitalization Congress is already open...

AUTOMA+ 2022

Driving the healthcare industry towards digital transformation was the main direction of AUTOMA+ 2022. The Congress gathered leaders from hospitals & healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, governmental bodies and institutions as well as medical device manufacturers, service providers and start-ups in Zurich, Switzerland on September, 26-27, 2022.

The business program of AUTOMA+ highlighted cutting-edge topics of smart digital medical devices and smart hospitals, social aspects of digitalization, gamified education and virtual health, and redrawing healthcare with AI and robotics. Digital Health experts from Takeda, Roche, Honeywell, Helsinki University Hospital, VAMED Management und Service Schweiz, Lusíadas Saúde, GSK, Mehilainen and other majors presented more than 50 case studies, and their technologies and services.

“Today, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand on accessible and quality medical service is at an all-time high. To satisfy this demand, healthcare providers are committed to focus on digital health solutions and find answers to the greatest challenges of digital transformation. We believe it is crucial for companies to work together to stay on top of the digital race. AUTOMA health 2022 brings together over 250 top healthcare professionals and digital leaders to share their cases, exchange experience, and work together to contribute to the development of digital health,” said Regina Chislova, Project Director of the Healthcare Automation & Digitalisation Congress.

The first day of the Congress started with the executive opening panel, where speakers from Helsinki University Hospital, Salesforce, EUSPA, and Lusíadas Saúde had a discussion about how digital drives sustainable development. Then AUTOMA+ 2022 continued with the main highlight of the Congress – Roundtable “Healthcare 5.0”, where delegates discussed the aspect of personalization, Healthcare 5.0 technologies (5G, VR, Nanorobotics, IoT), and barriers to the Healthcare 5.0 implementation.

Also, the agenda comprised a leaders talk and sessions regarding patient-centered innovation strategies, data usage, gamified education and virtual health, and security, privacy and trust. The day concluded with the gala dinner in Restaurant Die Waid, where participants enjoyed the view of Zurich.

The second day of the Congress embraced topics of how digital is reshaping the Pharma, transforming preventive medicine with AI, VR, AR, 3D printing and Digital twins, and upskilling people in the digital era. The Congress concluded with the start-up closing panel regarding innovative health technologies for healthcare.

The registration for the next edition of Healthcare Automation and Digitalization Congress is already open. The Congress will take place in Zurich, Switzerland on September, 25-26, 2023.

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