Triall, Mayo Clinic to advance blockchain in clinical trial data and study management

Mayo Clinic will onboard Triall's blockchain-integrated platform to embed verifiable data integrity into a pulmonary arterial hypertension trial

Traill - Mayo Clinic

Blockchain-integrated eClinical platform provider Triall has collaborated with researchers at Mayo Clinic to advance clinical trial design and management of study data. This collaboration takes an important next step towards leading a global transformation towards decentralized clinical research.

How will it work?

Triall’s eClinical platform will support a 2-year multi-center pulmonary arterial hypertension trial that includes 10 research sites and 500+ patients across the United States, starting in September of this year. The eClinical solutions of Triall will support all core trial activities, including data capture, document management, study monitoring, and eConsent.

The collaboration takes a unique angle by demonstrating how Triall’s Verifiable Proof API can be applied to build immutable blockchain-registered audit trails as a new best practice for bolstering clinical data integrity ‘end-to-end’-from study start-up to study close-out and post-study activities. With more data being collected from an increasing number and variety of systems and devices, assuring data integrity is a growing concern for clinical trial stakeholders, and a major barrier to reliable and efficient medical research in the digital age.

The audit trail will offer a system-independent interface for investigators, monitors, IRBs, regulators, and other trial stakeholders to rapidly evaluate the existence and integrity of trial-related documents and data, and their chronology in the study process. This endeavor provides a platform for further potential collaboration between Mayo Clinic and Triall towards a proof-based environment for decentralized clinical research, while reinforcing their mutual positions as thought leaders in clinical trial innovation.

On the record

“We are very excited to further our collaboration with Mayo Clinic and the team of Dr. Chris McLeod. It is wonderful to work with some of the thought leaders within Mayo Clinic and we are confident our collaboration will pave the way towards further innovation and enhanced quality in clinical development, utilizing the strengths of blockchain technology where these truly add value.” – Hadil Es-Sbai, Co-founder and CEO at Triall.

The context

The use of blockchain in healthcare has been growing in recent years, though we have yet to see the real-world application of a major project. The collaboration between Triall and Mayo Clinic could be one of those use cases we’ve been waiting for.

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