AI platform

nference launches AI-driven platform, expands partnership with Mayo Clinic

The company's new privacy-preserving nSights platform accelerates the development of therapeutics and diagnostics for life sciences companies.
Traill - Mayo Clinic

Triall, Mayo Clinic to advance blockchain in clinical trial data and study management

Mayo Clinic will onboard Triall's blockchain-integrated platform to embed verifiable data integrity into a pulmonary arterial hypertension trial
connected diagnostics platform

Mayo Clinic, Safe Health Group launch new connected diagnostics platform

The new venture, called Safe Health Systems, aims to improve access to efficient, affordable treatment for common medical conditions.
EchoGo Core on tablet

Ultromics, Mayo Clinic to use AI to improve diagnosis of heart failure

The team will use AI analysis of ultrasound heart scans to identify the markers of heart failure and develop an image analysis risk prediction model.
Mayo Clinic and Boston Scientific partnership

Mayo Clinic, Boston Scientific launch a med-tech accelerator

Called Motion Medical, it aims to accelerate the development of medical technology and new minimally invasive treatments.
Kardia Mobile with Phone

AliveCor, Mayo Clinic to use AI to help prevent sudden cardiac death

The two parties have teamed-up to develop tools for medical and non-medical personnel to easily screen for congenital long QT syndrome (LQTS) early.
Epic MyChart app

Epic patient apps get Mayo Clinic’s expert health content

Included in the deal are more than 4,000 comprehensive health topics spread across more than 18,000 pages of Mayo Clinic content.
Vitruvian Networks

Mayo Clinic, GE Ventures to bring IoT to cell and gene therapies

Vitruvian Networks, will serve as a network orchestrator for therapeutic companies with powerful business intelligence and data analytics capabilities.

Gentag, Mayo Clinic, NovioSense and Fraunhofer team-up to lower the cost of diabetes care

The quartet is working towards disrupting diabetes care delivery globally; the on-demand system is mobile-enabled, pain-free and extremely affordable.

Apervita, Mayo Clinic working together on the first self-service marketplace for health measures

The marketplace is a one-stop-shop to author, publish, and apply measures, allowing users to connect their data to open standard measure definitions.