Epic patient apps get Mayo Clinic’s expert health content

Epic MyChart app

Users of Epic patient apps will get access to the excellent content from Mayo Clinic, which is reportedly doing this to help providers share expert health information with their patients.

The deal “covers” more than 4,000 comprehensive health topics spread across more than 18,000 pages of Mayo Clinic content, including symptom, condition, disease, life stage, and healthy living information.

“Mayo Clinic delivers original, trusted health information and content based on more than 150 years of medical practice, and is one of the few content providers that is also a health care provider,” says Sandhya Pruthi, M.D., a consultant in the Division of General Internal Medicine and associate medical director, Mayo Clinic Global Business Solutions. “We are pleased to work with Epic on offering easy to access, evidence-based clinical information to patients.”

Mayo Clinic health information is available in article, video, image, slideshow and expert answer formats. It is provided in English and Spanish, with new expert-reviewed and evidence-based content being added weekly.

“Making Mayo Clinic’s world-class health knowledge available within MyChart and MyChart Bedside can help patients understand and better manage their health and well-being,” Carl Dvorak, president of Epic, said in a statement. “We look forward to collaborating with Mayo Clinic on this and other innovations.”

To access this information, patients can click the HL7 Infobutton or on a keyword within Epic’s MyChart web portal and MyChart Bedside inpatient tablet apps for iOS and Android. From there, they can get Mayo Clinic health content based on their chart elements, such as diagnoses and results. The access is available from multiple areas, including Problem List, Health Maintenance, Medications, Allergies, and Results Review.