ŌURA launches offering for employers

The new wellness solution aims to upgrade how organizations support their people (with a smart ring)

OURA ring

ŌURA announced the launch of ŌURA For Business, an evolved wellness solution that enables organizations to understand and improve the health and wellbeing of their people. ŌURA For Business uses best-in-class connected technology and personalized insights to improve mental and physical wellbeing on the individual level, while equipping leaders with custom tools and tailored recommendations to improve health outcomes for the collective.

By leveraging Oura Ring data to reveal compelling group-level insights, ŌURA For Business addresses individual outcomes with real-world impacts like burnout, fatigue, performance optimization, illness detection, and health management.

How does it work?

The ŌURA For Business umbrella encompasses specialized offerings for business corporations, employee wellness, healthcare, higher education, athletics, and the military. Across the board, stress, burnout, and sleep deprivation have never been more prevalent or costly. ŌURA is rooted in sleep because the impacts of sleep deprivation on individuals and organizations can’t be overstated. Rest is the foundation on which wellness is built, and without it, people’s wellbeing is at stake.

The platform is centered around a holistic program to establish individual baselines, drive adoption and ongoing engagement, and produce tangible outcomes. Each program is custom designed to meet an organization’s particular needs, but the pillars of the offering include:

  • ŌURA’s award-winning device (Oura Ring) and App to empower employees to manage their sleep, activity, and readiness
  • Administrators can see anonymous Oura Ring metrics, including Sleep, Readiness, and Activity scores and customizable insights via powerful reports and tools to understand group-level scores
  • Relevant, member-focused content driving awareness and education with compelling stories and data
  • Expert guidance for administrators to take action based on employee wellbeing metrics and industry best practices
  • Engaging Events including Webinars, Seminars, and Fireside Chats

The company is also investing in academic and clinical research, and is working with a variety of partners to fund, participate in, and lead studies that drive forward our understanding of how sleep and stress impact diverse populations and can improve long-term health outcomes.

For instance, at the University of Vermont, a group of interdisciplinary scientists has launched a study to better understand the health of UVM undergraduates using the Oura Ring. The purpose of the study, comprising 600 first-year students, is to better characterize physical and mental health in university students and understand how behavioral interventions can support them.

The Oura Ring has also been used in illness-detection research, including in studies at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). In February 2022, researchers at UCSF published additional findings that the Oura Ring metrics, including temperature trends and heart rate, may also help predict COVID-19 antibody levels.

On the record

“ŌURA For Business fundamentally improves how organizations of all kinds can support their people,” said Tom Hale, ŌURA CEO. “Helping individuals thrive is how we create success and positive outcomes for society as a whole. We’ve already seen significant traction with enterprise customers and are excited to continue growing these offerings as part of the next phase in ŌURA’s evolution.”

“The Oura Ring is an incredibly useful wellbeing partner. I’ve seen the results in everyone who wears it,” said Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global. “The data and insights I get from ŌURA make it so much easier to get the rest I need and build resilience. In a time of increasing stress and burnout, ŌURA makes better wellbeing a reality.”

The context

To-date, ŌURA For Business has worked with more than 200 customers in business, healthcare, academic and clinical research, and military, including Thrive Global, US Air Force, US Navy, US Army, NASA, Red Bull Racing, NASCAR, USA Surfing, Noom, OWN IT (a MaxOne brand), University of Vermont, Clemson University, and the UFC to deliver useful and accurate insights that connect the health of each individual to organizational outcomes.