Propeller Health

Propeller Health, GSK expand their collaboration to improve management of asthma and COPD

The two companies will undertake commercial activities using the Propeller clip-on sensor and software platform for use with GSK's ELLIPTA Inhaler.
GSK Qualcomm Life

GSK, Qualcomm to form a joint venture?

Nothing has been decided yet, and we may still be far from seeing the new company emerging; both parties have been active in the digital health space.
Propeller Health platform

Propeller Health to create custom sensor for GSK’s Ellipta inhaler

GSK will use the sensor in the studies to automatically collect and record data on the inhaler's usage, and wirelessly transmit the data collected.
Apple ResearchKit

GlaxoSmithKline, Purdue Pharma looking to test ResearchKit for drug R&D

While GSK is looking to integrate Apple's platform into clinical trials, Purdue is only in the proof-of-concept stage in its ResearchKit exploration.

Medidata, GSK evaluate impact of mHealth tech in clinical trials

The two companies are exploring ways how mHealth and cloud-based technologies can impact patient engagement, data quality and operational efficiencies.