Medivizor provides people with serious or chronic medical conditions (or those who care for them) with personalized information updates that are relevant, understandable and actionable. The service relies on the patent-pending tehnology that sifts through available information and selects just what is credible and relevant. Medivizor further couples this with insights from its medical team and with information gleaned from the social web. The result is delivered in 10th grade English explained and interpreted in a way that makes it relatively easy to understand and discuss with one’s medical team.

Medivizor's CEO Tal Givoly

Interview with Medivizor’s CEO Tal Givoly

Medivizor provides users with information and subsequent updates about cutting-edge research, treatment options, relevant clinical trials, and more.
Healthspek teams-up with Medivizor to personalize health info

Healthspek teams-up with Medivizor to personalize health info

This information might include summaries of personally relevant cutting-edge research, matching clinical trials, updated guidelines, lifestyle tips, and more.