Nokia Digital Health

Nokia to review its Digital Health business

Digital Health business includes consumer and enterprise products, and it manufactures and sells an ecosystem of different digital health devices.
Nokia Sleep

Nokia Sleep announced at CES

The sleep sensor is placed under the mattress from where it can track sleep cycles, and return back results to the Nokia Health Mate app.
Nokia - Withings

Nokia completes Withings rebranding

The company announced the first two Nokia-branded devices: the Nokia Body scale and Nokia BPM+, a premium version of Withings' existing blood-pressure monitor.
Nokia health devices

Nokia-branded mHealth devices launching this summer

The Finland-based company will rebrand the existing Withings portfolio and launch a HIPAA-compliant Patient Care Platform.

Nokia, HUS team-up to create innovations for outpatient care

The collaboration with Helsinki University Hospital and University of Helsinki signals Nokia Technologies' intent to enter clinical healthcare space.
Nokia acquires Withings

Nokia acquires maker of digital health devices Withings for 170M EUR

Withings' portfolio of connected devices includes activity trackers, weighing scales, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, home and baby monitors, and more.